Importance of Insurance during COVID-19


Life is unpredictable, you are always unable to control when certain events occur but you are able to navigate through the happenings. Human beings are designed to always try to control whatever is happening around them in order to feel in control. Insurance is one of the major ways that most people use to take […]

Why is it important to have medical insurance for visitors?


So you have applied for the Super Visa and asides the proof of necessary minimum income and letter of sponsorship, you’ve been wondering why medical insurance is important. Then this article is for you. Imagine that your mum or grand mum comes to visit and then she falls ill in Canada. You then take her […]

How to pack snacks for the travelling with pre existing medical conditions

how to pack snacks for travelling

People travelling with pre existing medical conditions like diabetes how to pack snacks for the plan. Travelling is a good experience and it is a time to have fun especially when using the Super Visa Insurance Plan. It is also a period to pack a lot of snacks, goodies and other things to munch on […]

Spend Quality Time With Children And Grandchildren On The Super Visa For 2 Years

Super Visa Family

When children grow up, they start their own family and sometimes they tend to migrate to another country or state. We have a lot of them in Canada. Because, Canada has friendly policies and welcomes them with open hands. If you’re a parent in another country and you have children or grandchildren who are permanent residents […]

Be with your Parents or Grandparents in Canada

Parent Medical Insurance

The insurance coverage for Super Visa applicant is called Super Visa Insurance. Get it and be with your Parents or Grandparents in Canada. Expensive Medical Coverage For Non-residents The love of Parent or Grandparent becomes more intense as they grow older. What would you do when both of you wants to stay together for a […]

Affordable Super Visa Insurance- Where to get it?


The Canadian government has made a new visa procedure for family members like parents and grandparents. This offer is called the Super Visa and the only thing you need, besides relatives in the country, is an insurance that will cover your medical bills. But let’s look at all the basic before we get to the […]

Monthly Super Visa Insurance


We Offer Monthly Super Visa Insurance Payment Plan! Super Visa medical insurance is not a cheap one. Monthly plan will ease your burden!

Are You Planning To Apply For a Super Visa to Canada or Know Someone Who Does?

Canada Super Visa Insurance

Parents and grandparents can visit their loved ones in Canada who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents to for up to 24 months instead of the standard six months under a regular visa. That too without renewal of their visa! The Super Visa has seen a spike in recent years of families wishing to see […]

super visa income requirements


There is no doubt that the Super Visa is a very special visa. The visa is specially catered for parents and grandparents to visit their loved ones in Canada. The longer stay option is a favourite among families as loved ones can stay up to 2 years without the hassle of multiple-reentries as eligible families […]