Be with your Parents or Grandparents up to 2 years in Canada

Parent Medical Insurance

Expensive Medical Coverage For Non-residents The love of Parent or Grandparent becomes more intense as they grow older. What would you do when both of you wants to stay together for a longer period of times? Super Visa is the option that you can use to have the company of your Parents and Grandparents up […]

Monthly Super Visa Insurance


We Offer Monthly Super Visa Insurance Payment Plan! Super Visa medical insurance is not a cheap one. Monthly plan will ease your burden!

Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan

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It can be rather daunting if you have to pay for the Super Visa insurance in full. Well, Super Visa Insurance has made it much easier for you now. You now have the option to pay on a monthly basis; just as easy as an EMI. This is how our monthly insurance plan works: At […]