Are You Planning To Apply For a Super Visa to Canada or Know Someone Who Does?


Canada Super Visa Insurance

Parents and grandparents can visit their loved ones in Canada who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents to for up to 24 months instead of the standard six months under a regular visa. That too without renewal of their visa! The Super Visa has seen a spike in recent years of families wishing to see their loved ones. Multiple entries can be made as well which is an added advantage for many.

Another advantage of a Super Visa is that a visitor to Canada does not have to apply for another visa after six months and pay a new set of fees to extend their stay and spend more time with their loved ones. Waiting times for visa grants are shorter as well which is a big advantage for many parents/grandparents who wish to see their loved ones at the earlier.

Due to the type of visa and extended length of stay, obtaining a Super Visa Insurance Policy is one of the key requirements. This proof is attached with the visa application form when it is sent to the embassy for processing.

Special Conditions

Further to that, the Super Visa Insurance has special conditions which must be met such as:

  • Purchase from a Canadian Insurance Company
  • Must be valid for 1 year
  • Minimum coverage of $100,000 to cover repatriation, hospitalization and healthcare

The policy can also cover trip interruptions, travel accident, and top-up coverage. Speak to one of our expert Super Visa Specialist  today.

When you purchase Visitor to Canada Super Visa Insurance, and the visa is denied, rest assured, you will be given a full refund minus $50 processing fee for the initial application. We value the financial protection of Visitors to Canada.

If you leave within 1 year of the policy commencing, we will refund you based on certain conditions. You can speak to one of our consultants when you contact us.

For clients who have pre-existing medical conditions, do not worry as we have plans that cover that. Just bear in mind that your condition must be stable, meaning there should be no pending tests, altered medication, no doctor’s report stating your condition has changed relating to your pre-existing condition of health.

If you choose to stay for more than 1 year, you will need to inform Super Visa Specialists 10 days before the expiry of your old policy.

Super Visa Specialists are Super Visa Insurance specialists as well as offer other insurance as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need assistance comparing the various plans. We are here to make recommendations and ensure you are making a decision based on your specific requirements.

We can help you with a Super Visa Insurance quote. Get in touch with us today.

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