International Student Insurance Canada

As an international student in Canada, you may be required to have valid health insurance. This is because most public health insurance plans will not cover the costs of a non-resident unless the person is from their home country.International Student Insurance in Canada is a flexible and hassle-free plan designed specifically for international students in Canada.

The plan helps cover costs not covered under provincial health care plans, such as doctor visits, accidental dental, dental pain relief, prescription drugs, ambulance services and more. The International Student Health Insurance Plan is designed to protect you and your family against the high cost of unexpected medical treatment while you’re studying in Canada.

Long & short-term international student health insurance plans from Supervisa Insurance are ideal for:

  •         Individual & groups taking part in international student programs
  •         Scholar & educators
  •         International graduate students
  •         Cultural exchange participants
  •         Depends of those taking part in international study programs
Age of the Student

Age is the main determining factor for the price of international student insurance in Canada. You can expect to pay less for student insurance if you're under 25 than you will if you're over 50.

Length of Coverage

With international student health insurance, there are usually annual rates associated

Level of Coverage

Your school & host nation will often need apprentices to buy a plan that comprises a minimum amount of medical coverage for illnesses or accidents.


What are the benefits of international student health insurance?

Emergency sickness & injury coverage upto $2,000,000:

Your school & host nation will often need to buy an international student health insurance plan that comprises a minimum amount of medical coverage for emergency sickness & injury.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Cover the additional expenses to return a student back to his or her home country or the country from which the student was temporarily traveling if the student becomes ill and requires an emergency medical evacuation.

Repatriation and Return of Mortal Remains

If a beneficiary dies as the result of a covered illness or injury while outside of their home country, this benefit can pay to send the mortal remains back home.