Travel Insurance in Canada for Seniors

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Trip Cancellation Package

Even the best plans and preparations can have the most unexpected twists and turns. To protect you and your loved ones, consider the Trip Cancellation Insurance. The package includes:

  • Trip delay/cancellation/interruption
  • Lost, damaged & stolen luggage/personal effects

All-Inclusive Package

Canada is a beautiful destination with so much to do. Mountains and lakes, and things of beauty to see in each province. Emergency medical insurance is recommended not only for peace of mind but for exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses which you or your loved ones may incur. The package includes:

  • Emergency Dental
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Emergency Repatriation
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Trip delay/cancellation/interruption
  • Lost, damaged & stolen luggage/personal effects

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Best Travel Insurance For Canadians Travelling Outside Canada

You may be considering a provincial health plan but do remember that it only covers a small portion of healthcare costs which may incur outside Canada. Also, each province has its coverage limitation ,and therefore, it is better to be prepared. Hospitals and care facilities outside Canada can become very expensive if you are not adequately covered. It is not worth risking a debt which may end up depleting your finances and one which may take you a lifetime to recover from. It is important to understand that the Canadian government will not be covering the cost of your broken arm or extended hospital stay or repatriation due to an emergency.

Even if your trip is a single or multiple visit to America, our neighbor, it is still another country, and we highly recommend that you purchase Canada travel insurance for peace of mind as emergencies happen when you least expect it. In most cases, nothing happens, but it is important to have peace of mind to enjoy your trip.

Special Insurance For Truck Drivers Going to America

Our expert advice can help you make the right decisions based on your requirements, regardless if you are a single truck driver or a fleet owner. We talk the same language as you and understand the constraints and complications in your industry. We are here to help you. Our truck insurance normally consists of general liability, automobile, and cargo. The way we calculate your premiums depend on several factors such as:

  • Where you are headed in the US
  • What is in your cargo
  • Driver’s record
  • Fleet record if applicable
  • Company accident stats

We offer to cover up to $5 million dollars. Our premium rates are very competitive and affordable. Call to find out more about the inclusions in this policy.

 We offer very competitive and affordable pricing. Call us to find out more about the inclusions in this policy. Even if you are delivering cargo across the border, you do not know what lies ahead. Costs can spiral out of control very quickly. A provincial health plan will cover a mere 8-10% of out of country medical costs which is rather negligible if you have to be airlifted home at a cost of $100,000. Most of the truck insurance plans will require declaring Most plans require policyholders pre-existing medical conditions, and even changes in medication or doctor’s recommendations. When it comes to trucking insurance, deductibles can range from $5000- $50,000+