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Emergencies Arrive Unexpectedly. Are You Prepared?

If you have loved ones visiting or yourself a Canadian resident, planning a trip overseas, do not discount emergency travel insurance. The coverage provided can protect you and your loved ones and if required, repatriate (evacuate you or your loved ones back to Canada).

If you are travelling alone, it can provide coverage for someone to attend your bedside while in hospital, provide care for your children if you are hospitalized, and much more.

If applying for a Super Visa, one of the eligibility requirements is a minimum coverage of $100,000 in emergency medical coverage.

Emergency travel insurance is essential for peace of mind and be given medical treatment to further avoid any risk to you or a family member. If you have a policy in place, you will know where to go to in case of an emergency and be in touch with your insurance agent 24/7 during this challenging time.

Emergency situations are not always life-threatening but could range from minor injuries such as food poisoning to allergic reactions to falling off a pavement and twisting the ankle to something severe as a stroke and more advanced situations where emergency rooms, emergency dental, etc. is required.

Then, there are those visitors who come to Canada to solely engage in high-risk outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, mountaineering, and climbing. Visitors are responsible for all costs associated with an emergency such as emergency medical evacuations by helicopter or ambulance or hospital visits, x-rays etc. The bill at the end can be rather hefty.

Super Visa Insurance Specialist offer a variety of plants to suit your different Emergency Travel Insurance travel needs. Call us for the best quotes from our highly experienced and skilled team.


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