How your Super Visa application is processed?



Below is some useful information to help you understand the process.

As the Super Visa is a temporary resident permit, which allows for regular multiple-entries valid for up to 10 years, the processing time is slightly longer than a normal visa application for entry into Canada. As such, processing times are difficult to predict as it also depends on the number of applications for the Super Visa which has gained immense popularity among parents and grandparents to visit their loved ones in Canada.

It is important to note, that the processing time can change from the time you sent the application and the time it is actually being processed as it depends on how many applications are still under processing. But, rest assured, once you send in your application, it will be processed. Be patient.

Also, note that applications are processed in the order they arrive at the visa office. Some will take longer to review for various reasons. The visa officers have a responsibility of due diligence, and all documents are thoroughly verified.

If an interview is necessary, you will be notified of a time and place, and you must attend it for the application to go further. Do note that if fraudulent documents are sent, they will not be returned and the chances of gaining a Super Visa are good as gone.

We have had clients asking us why there is a difference in processing times in offices and regions?

There are several reasons for this as listed below:

  • Mail services and routes
  • Each office, region receives a different number of applications
  • The availability of resources in each office to process the applications
  • It depends on how long an applicant may respond to a request for further information required for verification

For further information on Super Visa processing times or to get medical insurance for a Super Visa application, contact us today.

For more information about Canada and places to visit during your stay, see the Government of Canada website.

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