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Are you planning to invite your parents or grandparents on a super visa to Canada? If you intend to do so, it is vital and mandatory that you buy health insurance from a Canadian insurance agency. The tenure of the insurance needs to be at least one year. If you are in such a position, you can contact Gurinder Chahal of Punjab Insurance Inc. to have Super Visa Insurance in Canada.

The super visa will allow your parents or grandparents to visit Canada for up to 2 years at a time. This nature of the visa is multi-entry, and one can have multiple entries for ten years.

The Super Visa Insurance you can have from us will cover emergency hospitalization, dental care, deportation of remains, burning cost, cost of prescription medication and emergency return to home.

The requirements to have Super Visa Insurance in Canada

There are a few requirements to have Super Visa Insurance in Canada. Let us have a look at those requirements.

●The least coverage should be $100,000.
●The insurance’s validity period needs to be one year from the entry date.
●The insurance needs to cover hospitalization, repatriation and healthcare.
●The insurance needs to be from an insurance company in Canada.
●It needs to be valid for every entry to Canada.
●The papers need to be available for review by the port authority.
●If a visa is denied, there needs to be a 100% refund of the premium.
●There will be a requirement to purchase a new policy if one extends the period of stay.
●Insurance must be purchased before submitting the application for Super Visa.

Why depend on Gurinder Chahal of Punjab Insurance Inc

You may be thinking, why rely on Gurinder Chahal as your insurance expert? Let us see why it is so.

Low rates

We make it possible to have insurance by paying an affordable premium. The premium will not cut a hole in your pocket but will cover all emergencies that may arise during the stay of your parents or grandparents.

100% refund

It is that you need to purchase the insurance before you apply for the super visa. Then, your visa application can get denied. In such a case, you can have a 100% refund from us.

24/7 claim support

You can expect to have 24/7 claim support from us. You do not have to wait to have a claim. We will take up the case as soon as possible.

Independent broker

We are an independent broker and work with various insurance companies. With such ability, we can help you purchase the best possible Super Visa Insurance in Canada. The insurance you can have from us will also cover your pre-existing conditions.

So, when you require Super Visa Insurance in Canada, do remember Gurinder Chahal of Punjab Insurance Inc.

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