The reasons to have Super Visa insurance in Canada


Super Visa Insurance in Canada

If you have Super Visa insurance in Canada then it is for sure that the medical needs to be a Super Visa application will be taken care of if any untoward medical situation arises during your stay in Canada. As healthcare is costly if you are a non-resident if you have a Super Visa, it is like a lifesaver. Please have a look at a few benefits of having Super Visa Insurance.

Have a base for minimum coverage inclusion

The base inclusion for Super Visa insurance has been set by The Canadian government. The base inclusion is set at $100,000, and most Super Visa insurance policies are on the same lines.

Enjoy added advantage if brought from a Canadian insurance agency

It is not only wise but necessary to buy Super Visa insurance from a Canadian insurance company like us at Punjab Insurance, Inc. This will ensure that as an applicant you will have coverage if there is a medical emergency and this includes several protection benefits. Few such insurance policies have ties with certain hospitals which is an added advantage.

Coverage for up to a year

The coverage that you can enjoy having Super Visa insurance is for a period of one year in case of any nature of the medical emergency. It may be such that due to specific situations you have to leave Canada before the policy expires, it is possible for you to revive the policy again when you return to the country. This will only happen if you pay the proper principal amount.

Possible to have money back on the instance if there is a rejection of the application

It may happen that the Canadian immigration authority does not approve the Super Visa application. In such a situation it is possible to get back 100% of the annual premium you paid when you applied for a Super Visa. To have such a benefit we make certain that you have an application for a refundable plan.

Possible to purchase insurance from the same seller

Generally, the Super Visa insurance policy covers you for one year. It may so happen that you desire to stay for more than one year in Canada. In such cases, it is wise to renew the policy before it expires so that you do not face any problems and there is no coverage gap. In such circumstances, it is possible to renew the policy from the seller from whom you initially purchased the policy.

Covers medical-related issues

As you as a Super Visa applicant enter Canada, you have coverage for medical services, hospitalization, and repatriation if necessary. However, it was not the same previously when there was no Super Visa. At that time, one entering the country had to apply for medical plans which did not offer such extensive coverage. So, having Super Visa insurance, you can save considerable money on your medical expenses.

So, now as you desire to have Super Visa insurance, do contact Gurinder Chahal from Punjab Insurance Inc. We will make it possible to have the best policy according to your necessity.

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