Affordable Super Visa Insurance- Where to get it?



The Canadian government has made a new visa procedure for family members like parents and grandparents. This offer is called the Super Visa and the only thing you need, besides relatives in the country, is an insurance that will cover your medical bills. But let’s look at all the basic before we get to the insurance.

Super Visa

The so-called Super Visa is an excellent way for citizens of Canada who have relatives in some other country to arrange for their visit. The program is extremely simple, and you will find all that you need for your application process on the web. The visa program gives you a permit of residence for up to two years and if you want to renew the visa after it expires the cost of the process is cut significantly.

That’s all on the government side of things; the other part is the private medical insurance that is prerequisite of the visa plan. Every person that wants the Super Visa has to get medical insurance that will cover up to 100 000 CAD $ of medical expenses. Have in mind that you can stay for up to two years and many things can happen in such a long period.

So, this program has two principles behind it. The Super Visa is created to help families reunite and spend quality time together. But at the same time, it safeguards the Canadian health system from misuses and big expenses. 

Where to get Super Visa Insurance?

The main question for everybody who wants the Super Visa is where to get the insurance and how much will it cost. The first thing you have to know is that you cannot get the insurance from any company it has to be licensed by the Canadian government. Therefore, your options can be limited if you are looking for a company with an office in your home country.

The internet is full of many different offers, and I advise that you do some research before you chose one company. This also means that you will find the insurance package you need on the web rather than in an office or some other real-life location. The amount you will have to pay for your insurance depends on many things your age being the most important factor and of course your general health.

After you give the insurance company the necessary information, they will guide you through the rest of the process at the end you will get a confirmation that you can then submit together with your application for the Super Visa. Since this is becoming a significant trend and many families are using it to spend quality time with their loved ones the number of insurance companies offering such packages has increased. This factor will significantly influence the height of your insurance policy by reducing the price since so many companies are competing for clients.

All in all, if you are looking for health insurance for your Super Visa browse the net and find insurance companies licensed by the Canadian government and make your pick.  If you need more details regarding Super Visa Insurance, you may contact us Insurance Specialist Gurinder Chahal 587-707-7000             

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