Be with your Parents or Grandparents in Canada


Parent Medical Insurance

The insurance coverage for Super Visa applicant is called Super Visa Insurance. Get it and be with your Parents or Grandparents in Canada.

Expensive Medical Coverage For Non-residents

The love of Parent or Grandparent becomes more intense as they grow older. What would you do when both of you wants to stay together for a longer period of times? Super Visa is the option that you can use to have the company of your Parents and Grandparents up to 2 years in Canada per visit. With age comes a number of medical issues and Canada is expensive in medical coverage. Hence, as per requirement of application, Super visa applicant must hold medical insurance of at least 1 year. This parent or grandparents medical insurance must cover health care, hospitalization, repatriation, provides a minimum coverage of $ 100,000/, is valid for each entry and available with you at the time of entering in Canada so that when officer wants to review the documents, he can.

Obtaining a medical Insurance for Parents or Grand parents

The cost of Super visa insurance that provides the coverage of $ 100,000/ is usually expensive. Super visa insurance for visitors to Canada may be used to take care of traveler when require immediate medical treatment for the coverage of unexpected, unforeseen events like an injury or sickness that includes flu, fever, stroke, broken bones, etc. The super visa insurance options are not only available for applicants having no history of medical illness but also for the applicants who have stable pre-existing medical conditions. This means that any injury, illness, disease or symptoms of disease that exist before and on the effective date of insurance but were stable in 3-6 months. This could be high blood pressure or hypertension, heart condition, lung condition, diabetes, etc. The medical coverage to cover the pre-existing medical but stable conditions would automatically be expensive.

Pay Monthly

Super visa insurance monthly plan is a convenient and affordable option to pay for your premium in an affordable way. But, the monthly payment plan options are usually available for the coverage of $ 100,000/ and above option. Some insurance companies give the option of monthly payment plan after the payment of first 2 months premium as advance against the total annual premium. Once the Super Visa is issued, insurance companies require the traveler to inform about the travel dates so that policy will become effective from the date of arrival in Canada. On wards, the payments of premium of remaining months will then be charged on monthly basis.

Some insurance companies also give the monthly plan option to travelers who want to extend their stay in Canada after their 1 year of stay. The refund or policy cancellation options are commonly available in almost all of the insurance policies in case the Super visa is refused or applicant is back to home country earlier than scheduled. The insurance policy can be cancelled and payments of the remaining months may be claimed after following the insurance company policies.

Monthly payment option of insurance premium is a great opportunity for people who want to invite their parents or grandparents to stay with them in Canada but their affordability of insurance cost was difficult earlier due to payment of insurance premium in advance.

Get it Now

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Travelling with pre existing medical conditions

If you already obtained an insurance and if your parent or grand parent got a pre-existing medical condition like Diabetes, please visit this page for useful information.

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