Emergency Medical Insurance Requirement for the Super Visa


Emergency Medical Insurance

Are there different rules for a Super Visa emergency medical insurance?

 The government of Canada requires visitors under the super visa to have emergency medical insurance.

The insurance plan must:

Have a minimum coverage of $100,000 or more

Coverage for health, hospitalization, and repatriation

Must be valid for 1 year from the date of entry into Canada 

What if I require additional benefits in my insurance cover such as flight interruptions and cancellations?

Once your Super Visa is approved, you can purchase additional benefits such as trip cancellations, cancellation of flights, etc. These can be purchased for your parents and grandparents in Canada. You could even opt for additional benefits such as annual eye and medical examinations and vaccinations to add on to the emergency medical travel insurance purchased. 

If the visitor is on a short stay, say, will only be staying in Canada for 5 months, do they still have to purchase the insurance for a year? 

Every entry under the Super Visa must provide proof of insurance valid for 1 year from their date of entry. If no claim is made, refunds for unused portions can be arranged.

A Super Visa is valid for 10 years, and my parents/grandparents will be making multiple trips to Canada. What happens with the insurance?

Coverage must be purchased prior or entry or renewed prior to entry into Canada.

How do I fill out mandatory Super Visa emergency medical travel insurance if my parents and/or grandparents are not in Canada?

If you are completing the Super Visa emergency medical travel insurance form on behalf of your parents and/or grandparents, please ensure you are aware of their medical history, pre-existing conditions, and prescription medications. This information provided in the application form must be accurate. This allows for eligibility and ensures the policy meets your parents and/or grandparents medical requirements. If you provide information which is false, the policy may be deemed null and void when a claim is made.

What is involved in purchasing emergency medical insurance for the Super Visa?

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. You will gain access to our professional expertise and advice which can help you save time and money in the application process.

How to avoid having your claim denied?

The insured party has to be eligible; they need to meet eligibility requirements to purchase super visa emergency medical insurance. Do not falsify information in the application form. Your medical condition may have changed from the time the application was put through and the effective date of departure. You must notify us to have the policy approved for the new pre-existing medical conditions.

Some of the changes could be:

Changes in dosage of an existing medication

Prescription of new medication

Consultation with a doctor

Please refer to your policy for terms and conditions as non-disclosure will automatically make the policy purchased null and void.

If you still require any clarifications or would like to get emergency medical insurance, let us help you.

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