Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan


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It can be rather daunting if you have to pay for the Super Visa insurance in full.

Well, Super Visa Insurance has made it much easier for you now. You now have the option to pay on a monthly basis; just as easy as an EMI.

This is how our monthly insurance plan works:

  1. At the point of application for the Super Visa, Super Visa Insurance will pay the full premium

amount (Regular Super Visa Insurance Policy) on your behalf for the entire year.

  1. A deposit which is an equivalent of two months premium plus a

processing fee of $50 is required to be paid.

  1. Only credit card payments are accepted.
  1. Once the issue is approved and issued, we will require you to inform us of the date of arrival

into Canada and the policy will commence from that day.

  1. This 2 months deposit is applied to 11th and 12th month of policy.
  1. The remaining ten months premiums will be deducted from your credit card starting with the

first payout on the date of activation of the policy. This feature is additionally helpful for those

who have purchased an annual policy and are now looking to extend it.

Other Important Information

 Visa Denied

If the visa is rejected by the CIC, the 2 months deposit will be refunded excluding the $50 processing fee.

Trip ends earlier

If your trip is shortened and you have to return before the end of the year of the policy, then the billing to your credit card will be stopped. We will require evidence that you have left the country. A copy of the boarding pass and passport copies will be required to be scanned and emailed to us. The 2 months deposit will be refunded excluding the processing fee if the client returns before the end of the 10 months.

Travelling outside Canada

As long as the majority of your stay is in Canada, we will not stop your billing if you visit another country and return to Canada. No coverage is provided if you return to your home country for short visit. However, you can continue keeping the same policy.

This must be welcome news for some. We do understand there are many financial considerations that we all have to make. That is the reason, we are offering a monthly fee to lessen the burden on families.

At present, we are only one of the few Canadian insurance companies offering this unique service.  We do hope more companies come onboard soon and adopt this feature.

For more information, do get in touch with us.

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