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Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential for a person because it’s there for the protection of your family and your loved ones. It gives you a chance to leave them an amount which is non-taxable at the time of your death. It is likewise used to cover your home loan and your own loans, for example, a loan for your car. There are many benefits of having an individual life insurance because it follows you after retirement when your employer is no longer there to insure you. Life insurance will also help your family when they will have less resources to keep up with the quality of life. It prevents all types of financial hardships that a family has to face when they lose a loved one.


There are variations to what kind or type of insurance a person wants. Most common types are the Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Gurinder Chahal Insurance Specialists are there to provide answers to all your questions. You get to choose what you want for your family whenever you leave them. Punjab Insurance Inc clearly recommends life insurance and they properly explain the benefits of all different types of insurances. Furthermore, they help you choose the one which suits you the best!

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a popular choice among people because of its low cost. When you purchase a term insurance, you basically get a guarantee from an insurance company that it will pay a specific amount to your beneficiaries if you die during the term that has been set according to your choice. It is for you to know that if you die prematurely or suddenly, your dependents will be protected via term life insurance. A monthly premium is paid by you to the company followed by duration of the term. The benefits that term life insurance offers are for a restricted time period and that makes it one of the least costly life insurances out there for people. The major components that are looked upon for insurance are age, gender and health. The policy premium is calculated on the basis of these factors.

Whole Life Insurance

Gurinder Chahal and his company Punjab Insurance Inc knows that the utmost importance is all about the needs of the policy holder. Customers who choose Whole Life Insurance are the ones who pay more premiums and get less coverage, but what matters the most for them is knowing the fact that their loved ones are protected for life. Contrary to Term Life Insurance; with this kind of policy you get a life time coverage. Here the premium remains constant and also gives you an opportunity to save tax. Whole Life insurance has another advantage that your premium remains the same, in most cases! Your cash value is built, which is basically a return on part of your premiums that is invested by the insurance company. Until a withdrawal is made, cash value remains tax deferred and one can even borrow against it.

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