Importance of Insurance during COVID-19



Life is unpredictable, you are always unable to control when certain events occur but you are able to navigate through the happenings. Human beings are designed to always try to control whatever is happening around them in order to feel in control. Insurance is one of the major ways that most people use to take control of these happenings when it comes to their wellbeing. Mainly because of the rising medical expenses in the health industry; they range from medical insurance to life insurance. This way you are covered financially against different types of diseases that may arise along the way.

Super visa is one of the ways Canadian government has implemented to ensure families are connected. Super visa for parents and grandparents enables parents and grandparents for citizens living in Canada visit their families in Canada. They are able to get insurance covers such as life insurance, visitor travel insurance, and emergency medical insurance and super visa insurance. With super visa insurance, your parents and grandparents are covered in case of medical emergencies, accidents and injuries. Some super visa insurance plans usually make provision for returning home without voiding the insurance coverage.

There are several life insurance covers such as term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance. An average Canadian gets a quotation of about $300,000 for people of the age 18-70 while 71 to 79 years cost about $150,000 to secure a life insurance cover. You acquire an advantage of actually having fixed premiums payable until the age of 100. In order to qualify for insurance, full disclosure of your age, medical history, sexual orientation and current lifestyle is compulsory. With all this information the insurance company is able write out a plan customized and tailored to your needs. They can also provide your beneficiaries with incentives to be paid in case of death.

Little is known about the COVID-19 as it is, hence having a cover that ensures you are able to see a doctor in case you get infected is important. In the event that COVID-19 is not eradicated by 2021, chances on getting infected increases tenfold and this puts a lot of people’s health in jeopardy. No one is completely sure the virus leaves the body completely when people are declared negative after being infected with the disease. Long term effects of COVID-19 such as high blood pressure, obesity and mental health conditions of these patients are speculated to pose as a huge risk for people.

In the event that COVID-19 is completely eradicated in 2021 travel will boom, so applying for super visa would help you travel in and out of Canada for up to 10 years to see your family. The super visa insurance plan helps in ensuring your heath is covered fully throughout your stay in Canada. Research shows that certain health conditions are predicted to increase overtime. Getting a life insurance cover for these instances is important to ensure that you are covered incase your health is put in jeopardy.

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