Travel Medical Insurance – Protect yourself from unexpected medical bills


Protect yourself from unexpected medical bills – Get Travel Medical Insurance

Travelling is one of the ways to enjoy life, enjoy company, appreciate the beauty of nature while roaming around the world, and above all to get relaxed. Along with the joys and benefits that we enjoy through travelling, risks are also associated with it. While the plan is to get relaxed why carry the risk associated with travelling? Get  a Travel Medical Insurance!


Risks that are very common are medical risks that are usually expensive in most parts of the world specially Canada. If you only have your domestic health coverage plans with you while travelling abroad, you must be aware that in case of any sickness or injury your domestic policies do not extend their coverage overseas. Travel medical insurance can be helpful in number of circumstances like injury, illness, disease, pregnancy complications, or even death of the person insured. Patients who have asthma and are travelling to cold areas are likely to get effected. Same goes to the diabetic patients, as they are prone to the allergies or dryness due to the cold weather and medical facilities can become costlier while travelling. Allergies and dryness usually cause itching and diabetic patient must not use their nails or any sharp instrument to rub their skin. People usually arrange their travel insurance at the time of the booking so that their upcoming trip duration will be covered appropriately.

multi-trip travel medical insurance

A multi-trip travel medical insurance may also be availed when unlimited number of trips are expected or scheduled within a defined time frame. Some medical insurance policies are expensive and some are not. These costs usually depend upon the health of traveler, duration, and destination as well. Travel medical insurances for countries like US and Canada are mostly expensive because the medical facilities are expensive there. Some credit card and international bank transfers also offer the travel insurance facility but before travelling the terms and conditions must be properly considered so that in case they are not providing the required coverage, traveler must have appropriate time to consider opting travel medical insurance to take the right coverage.

Who Needs it?

Visa policies of some countries or areas like UAE and Schengen area specifically require travelers to prove that they have sufficient insurance coverage during their stay period so that the risk can be mitigated. Students travelling for study purpose are also required to have a qualified medical insurance during their period of stay. Companies running travel groups or cruise tours business do require their customers to carry valid medical insurance to cover any uncertain health risk. However, if the travelling is for the treatment of any medical illness, general travel insurance policies may not be able to cover any such expenditure. Some medical policies exclude travelling to certain countries or area where the health risks are high like war zones and environmentally hazardous areas. Hence,  you can find that the travel Insurance is so important.

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