Travel Visitor Medical Insurance – FAQ


Travel Medical Insurance

We are often asked Travel Health questions for medical insurance for visitors to Canada. We have compiled the frequently asked questions for your easy reference.

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 Q: Why do I need travel insurance in the first place?

Health is something which should not be taken for granted. You never know what happens when you travel and without travel insurance, you risk a large financial burden if there is a medical emergency. A broken ankle or a broken finger can expose you to large bills which were not budgeted in your trip. The cost of medical assistance is high in Canada, and it recommended to have travel insurance for Canada.

Q: Who can purchase Canada travel medical insurance?
Visitors to Canada on business or vacation, immigrants to Canada, waiting for government health coverage approval, and Canadian expats who have returned to Canada, but not as yet covered by health plans.

Q: My family (parents/grandparents are planning a visit. Can I purchase a policy for them?

Anyone can purchase a visitor’s insurance policy. They can do so on behalf of someone coming into Canada. In cases where you are sponsoring their stay, for example, for a Super Visa, you will be responsible for their medical bills. This is in the event that they are unable to pay for the expenses.

Q: I am wondering how much visitors travel medical insurance should I purchase? I mean what would be an average cost per day if I required medical assistance?
A visit to a Canadian Hospital can result in an expense of up to $4,000 a day. If you require specialist services, like an ICU room, emergency surgery, or air transport services, the cost can easily rise to $10,000. Our recommendation is that you take out at least a minimum of $100,000 medical insurance coverage.

Q: Why is it recommended to purchase insurance from a Canadian insurance company?

The advantage of purchasing insurance from a Canadian insurance company is that there are direct billing/dealings between Canadian insurance companies and hospitals. In the event of a claim, the procedure for the claim will be faster which means you get reimbursed faster. As Canadian regulators are strict, Canada has the highest standards of insurance companies in the world.

Q: Do you offer discounts for group travel medical insurance?
A: Yes, we do.

Q: The visitors to Canada insurance does not cover for pre-existing conditions. So, what is the purpose of buying medical insurance then?

 Your travel insurance will still cover for any new illnesses or accidental injuries even if it does not apply to an existing condition.

Q: My parents wish to bring in their supply of medication. Can they?

The Canadian government has some restrictions in place regarding importing prescription medicine into Canada. This applies to both Canadian citizens as well as visitors.

Generally, you can bring in up to 2 (90 days supplies of medicine).


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