What Is the Need of Buying A Visitors Travel Insurance


Travel insurance in Canada for seniors

Canada is a North American country which is the 2nd largest in the globe in regards of area. It’s enclosed by the Atlantic Ocean, Artic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean from 3 sides and shares its southern borders with the US of America. With the 10th largest economy in the globe, Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. The country is recognized for its wildlife, national parks, French cities and beautiful scenery.

Before planning a trip to Canada, you should keep in mind that non-residents of Canada aren’t covered by the local health insurance policy of that nation. This entails that if you encounter a medical emergency situation in Canada, then you’d have to pay for the needed medical expenditure from your own wallet; and the high medical expenses in Canada is notorious to everyone.

However, before purchasing your Canada flight ticket, if you can arrange a travel insurance plan, a stress-free journey can definitely be anticipated. As the name says, Travel Insurance Plan covers you against financial contingency like circumstances during your Canada trip.

A typical travel insurance plan for Canada usually gives monetary help towards medical emergencies, accidents, and illnesses happening anytime between your Canada tour, starting from you boarding your flight to Canada till the end of your trip back to your own country.

If you’re needed to be hospitalized during your stay in Canada, travel insurance plan for Canada will pay the expenditures towards your prescription medicines, hospital bills, and other medical outlays, therefore save you from hefty monetary burden.

Any medical or health expenses sustained in Canada can become even more expensive than the cost of your flight ticket. Thus, by having a travel health insurance plan for Canada you’d not just protect yourself from losing your hard earned money, but would also ensure a peace of mind throughout your journey.

There’re so many risks that are covered under travel health insurance policy for Canada, including:

● Trip delay
● Trip cancellation
● Loss of passport
● Loss of checked-in baggage
● Dental care
● Liability cost
● And so much more…

Looking for travel health insurance plans for your senior loved ones? Punjab Insurance Inc is here to help! We can help you find the best travel insurance in Canada for Seniors, allowing your elderly loved ones to travel the world and experience amazing new cultures well into their 80s and beyond. From delayed baggage to lost passports or being detected with COVID-19 that needs, hospitalization, our travel insurance plans for seniors will be with you at every step of the journey!

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