How to pack snacks for the travelling with medical condition


how to pack snacks for travelling
People travelling with pre existing medical conditions like diabetes how to pack snacks for the plan.

Travelling is a good experience and it is a time to have fun especially when using the Super Visa Insurance Plan. It is also a period to pack a lot of snacks, goodies and other things to munch on as you travel. In fact, that is the fun part of packing the bag as the excitement climaxes as you throw in those goodies into the box. But what happens to those who have pre existing medical conditions like diabetes? Do not worry; there is a way this excitement can be felt too. Here are ways to pack snacks for the Plan:

  • Fiber should be highly considered and included in the snack options. This is because fiber has lower cholesterol levels and it controls blood sugar levels too. Fibre also helps those with medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. So look out for options that contain this like roasted and salted almond snack, roasted and salted pistachio snack, popcorn, wheat bread, etc.
  • Protein is another option to be considered when choosing snacks to be taken while travelling. Protein increases body strength so it will benefit someone who gets tired easily. It also lowers the blood pressure which when high triggers some of these medical conditions like heart attack, strokes, etc. Oat biscuits or other snacks from oats can be packed, peanuts can also be packed.
  • Minimum sugar is also something to look out for in packing snacks for people with pre existing medical conditions especially diabetes. This is because such an individual is trying to avoid weight gain, reduce heart attack risks, and even save him/herself from visiting the dentist too often while being treated for the pre existing medical condition. Avocadoes, sliced apples and peanut butter, homemade protein bars with less sugar, egg muffins, etc are snack options that can be included in the snack plan.
  • healthy-snacksThe known 3-2-1 rule which is packing three small snack items, two drinks and at least one fresh produce should be implemented. This is healthy and serves as a balanced diet especially for people with pre-existing medical conditions because they have all the things they need at their disposal. The snacks should be one of the three first options and the drinks should not be sodas but healthy fresh juice and water should never be forgotten for hydration sake. Fresh produce like a fresh fruit or so.
  • Fruits are key and very important in the snack plan as they are natural, healthier and have a lot of countless benefits to the body especially for people with pre existing medical conditions. Fruits can never be exempted from the list. Fresh fruits are best advised when travelling short distances while dried fruits and nuts can be used for long distances so that they are still fresh and eatable even after a long time of exposure.

So it is possible for people with pre existing medical condition to enjoy healthy but not boring snacks while travelling and have safe travels too.

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