Spend Quality Time With Children And Grandchildren On The Super Visa


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When children grow up, they start their own family and sometimes they tend to migrate to another country or state. We have a lot of them in Canada. Because, Canada has friendly policies and welcomes them with open hands. If you’re a parent in another country and you have children or grandchildren who are permanent residents or citizens in Canada, you might want to visit and stay with them for some time. However, parents sometimes get discouraged. It happens when they think about the stress encountered in getting a regular Visa or processing all of the required documents. But in this article, you’ll learn how you can spend quality time with your children and grandchildren on the Super Visa for 2 years.

Super Visa Plan

Speaking of friendly policies by the Canadian Government, there has been an introduction of the Super Visa Plan. This Plan allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparent for an extended stay of two years. Multiple entries for staying up to two years per visit for a maximum validity period of up to ten years is very much possible with this Super Visa Plan.

The Super visa Plan does not take long to process unlike the regular plan for permanent residency which can take up to four years. But it can be processed within 8-10 weeks and then the parents can travel to Canada. While they are there on the Super Visa Plan the parents or grandparents can begin to process the permanent residence documents because the Super Visa Plan does not automatically result into permanent residency.


This plan is only open to parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. There are a number of requirements that need to be met for successful application of the Super Visa Plan:

  • Signed letter from the child or grandchild to be visited. The letter has to state their full support and knowledge. It will also include their promise of financial support for the coming parents or grandparents. Some details about the child/grandchild needs to be provided like their Canadian citizenship or permanent resident documents and the number of people in their house to avoid overcrowding of any sort.
  • A proof of medical immigration exam has to be submitted and also a proof of payment for medical insurance policy (Super Visa Insurance) by a Canadian insurance company is required for the visa plan.
  • As the child or grandchild has promised financial support, he or she has to show proof of funds by showing his or her income statement to see if it meets the required minimum income needed for having an extra person or people in care.
  • They will also access the parents/grandparents ties (like properties, family members, etc) to their home country and check the political and economic situation of the home country. they will also ask for one’s purpose of visit and the finances of the applicant.

Get Super Visa Insurance

We hope this info is helpful and you’ll find whatever you need as regards to Super Visa. However, if you need more information on Super Visa, especially the medical exam and Super Visa Health Insurance, you can reach out to us. We will love to help you.

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