Understanding Visitors to Canada Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Visitors To Canada Insurance

Canada, with its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and multicultural communities, is a welcoming destination for travelers from around the world. Whether you’re a tourist, a family member coming to visit, or an international student, it’s essential to ensure your trip is not only enjoyable but also secure. That’s where Visitors To Canada Insurance comes into […]

How to Settle on the Best Travel Insurance for Canada

Travel Insurance

Is it that you are travelling to Canada? If it is so, you need to buy the best travel insurance for Canada. It would be wise if you are with us at Punjab Insurance Inc, as Gurinder Chahal will be guiding you to the best travel insurance. We deal with various insurance organizations like Super Visa […]

Contact for Canada Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Canada visit is made easy with Super Visa Insurance. We provide insurance plans that help to meet unexpected twists and situations strongly. When you are planning to visit Canada you should always have travel insurance with you. We offer insurance plans that are all-inclusive with emergency medical expenses, emergency dental, emergency evacuation, trip delay, trip […]

Travel Safe With Travel Insurance Specially Formulated For Seniors

Travel Insurance for Seniors in Canada

If you’re in your 50s, traveling abroad can be an exciting prospect. You might want to visit a foreign country to see how people live and experience new things. However, you should also be aware of the fact that most health insurance policies cease whenever you leave your country of origin, which means that if […]

How to pack snacks for the travelling with pre existing medical conditions

how to pack snacks for travelling

People travelling with pre existing medical conditions like diabetes how to pack snacks for the plan. Travelling is a good experience and it is a time to have fun especially when using the Super Visa Insurance Plan. It is also a period to pack a lot of snacks, goodies and other things to munch on […]

Travel Medical Insurance – Protect yourself from unexpected medical bills

Protect yourself from unexpected medical bills – Get Travel Medical Insurance

Travelling is one of the ways to enjoy life, enjoy company, appreciate the beauty of nature while roaming around the world, and above all to get relaxed. Along with the joys and benefits that we enjoy through travelling, risks are also associated with it. While the plan is to get relaxed why carry the risk […]

Importance of Travel Insurance


Why should you have a Travel Insurance? Are you planning to go on a vacation? Are you going to some exotic destination and you do not know what to expect on the trip? Well, we do know what to expect on our trips, that’s why the tourist companies give us a brochure with a timetable […]

Emergency Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Emergencies Arrive Unexpectedly. Are You Prepared? If you have loved ones visiting or yourself a Canadian resident, planning a trip overseas, do not discount emergency travel insurance. The coverage provided can protect you and your loved ones and if required, repatriate (evacuate you or your loved ones back to Canada). If you are travelling alone, […]