Why is it important to have medical insurance for visitors?



So you have applied for the Super Visa and asides the proof of necessary minimum income and letter of sponsorship, you’ve been wondering why medical insurance is important. Then this article is for you.

Imagine that your mum or grand mum comes to visit and then she falls ill in Canada. You then take her to the hospital and find out that the health insurance plan by the government does not cover the mum (this is also a myth that would be addressed later in this piece). This may cause some delay in the medical attention received by the mum, imagine how much more unpleasant it would be if it’s an emergency.

This is why one of the requirements needed for obtaining a parent or Grandparent Super Visa is a valid medical insurance.  Applicants need to tender proof that they have private emergency medical insurance that is legally binding for not less than a year. This insurance must come from a Canadian insurance company. Other things that are “must-haves” for a tenable insurance are as follows:

  • The insurance covers emergency medical care, hospitalization (this means the insurance would allow you to be placed in the hospital for treatment) and repatriation (this means you would be able to return to your home country for medical care);
  • The insurance affords a minimum coverage of $100,000
  • The insurance is usable for every entry to Canada and is available for evaluation by a port of entry officer.

This insurance also has to be provided when you apply for the Super Visa because the Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) implemented by Canada does not cover visitors to Canada (this was the myth I talked about earlier).  It is even stated on the Government of Canada’s website that the GHIP does not extend to “a tourist, a transient or a visitor to the province”. So without the insurance, if a visitor falls ill and has to receive medical services while in Canada, the visitor will pay because the government plans do not cover him or her.  This is why the visitors under the Super Visa need medical insurance that will suffice if an emergency happens.

So why is it important to medical insurance for visitors? This is to make sure visitors can make payments for healthcare and medical services if they fall ill or suffer injury during their stay in Canada. Check out the scenario that was described above; if the mum had a medical insurance visa, there would be no unnecessary delay in receiving medical care because there is an insurance that covers whatever health bill that would be incurred.

It is also important that the medical insurance is provided because it gives an offer of repatriation. So, if you need to return to your home country to get the medical attention, their medical insurance already allows that – you do not have to start stressing to get this done. In addition, health issues are very delicate and it is better not to take chances at all since the insurance is very useful for emergency cases.

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