Why is it important to have medical insurance for visitors?


So you have applied for the Super Visa and asides the proof of necessary minimum income and letter of sponsorship, you’ve been wondering why medical insurance is important. Then this article is for you. Imagine that your mum or grand mum comes to visit and then she falls ill in Canada. You then take her […]

Be with your Parents or Grandparents in Canada

Parent Medical Insurance

The insurance coverage for Super Visa applicant is called Super Visa Insurance. Get it and be with your Parents or Grandparents in Canada. Expensive Medical Coverage For Non-residents The love of Parent or Grandparent becomes more intense as they grow older. What would you do when both of you wants to stay together for a […]

Travel Medical Insurance – Protect yourself from unexpected medical bills

Protect yourself from unexpected medical bills – Get Travel Medical Insurance

Travelling is one of the ways to enjoy life, enjoy company, appreciate the beauty of nature while roaming around the world, and above all to get relaxed. Along with the joys and benefits that we enjoy through travelling, risks are also associated with it. While the plan is to get relaxed why carry the risk […]

Visitor to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance FAQs


This summary of benefits merely provides you with an overview. This insurance is designed to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. It is very important that you read and understand the terms of your policy as the coverage contains provisions relating to eligibility, pre-existing conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Q: What are some benefits of […]

Importance of Travel Insurance


Why should you have a Travel Insurance? Are you planning to go on a vacation? Are you going to some exotic destination and you do not know what to expect on the trip? Well, we do know what to expect on our trips, that’s why the tourist companies give us a brochure with a timetable […]

Emergency Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Emergencies Arrive Unexpectedly. Are You Prepared? If you have loved ones visiting or yourself a Canadian resident, planning a trip overseas, do not discount emergency travel insurance. The coverage provided can protect you and your loved ones and if required, repatriate (evacuate you or your loved ones back to Canada). If you are travelling alone, […]

Are You Planning To Apply For a Super Visa to Canada or Know Someone Who Does?

Canada Super Visa Insurance

Parents and grandparents can visit their loved ones in Canada who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents to for up to 24 months instead of the standard six months under a regular visa. That too without renewal of their visa! The Super Visa has seen a spike in recent years of families wishing to see […]

Travel Visitor Medical Insurance – FAQ

Travel Medical Insurance

We are often asked Travel Health questions for medical insurance for visitors to Canada. We have compiled the frequently asked questions for your easy reference. If you do not see a question you wish answered, get in touch with us today.  Q: Why do I need travel insurance in the first place? Health is something […]